Biotime has made a long-term commitment to becoming a significant contributor to the field of POCT. We are rapidly expanding our workforce and offer a unique opportunity to help shape the future of IVD.

Biotime's corporate vision is to bring health to every person. We provide customers with competitive, secure, reliable products, solutions, and services in the fields of IVD. Biotime provides a diverse and dynamic working climate that emphasizes respect and teamwork. Biotime fosters high-performance through:

- Clarity of organizational and individual goals, and commitment to achieving those goals by setting high-performance standards and empowering employees to take responsibility for their work;

- Recognizing the achievement of individual and team goals;

- Encouraging teamwork at every level, to ensure our teams accelerate productivity;

We are hiring
Job Title: Sales Manager
Base: Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, India, Vietnam, Latin America, Nigeria, Kenya ...... 

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