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  • Biotime Shines at Multiple International EXPOs in the Past Week
    Biotime Shines at Multiple International EXPOs in the Past Week September 27, 2023
    From Sep. 13th-5th, 2023, the Medical Fair Thailand 2023 was successfully held at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre in Thailand. Over 12,000 medical professionals from more than 80 countries and regions gathered to discuss the latest developments in the healthcare industry. Biotime's multi-platform POCT solutions, including chemiluminescence, immunofluorescence, and colloidal gold, made a remarkable appearance at this grand event. Among Biotime's star products, BIOT-YG-I, FLI-100, FLI-600, and FLI-4000 were prominently featured at the international exhibition. These products were highly praised for their flexible and rapid testing methods, offering a wide range of POCT testing solutions for conditions such as cardiac markers, inflammation, hormones, and thyroid function. Results can be obtained in as little as 3 minutes, effectively meeting the testing needs of various medical institutions. In addition to these products, Biotime's POCT solutions for COVID-19, monkeypox, diabetes, and more garnered significant attention at the exhibition. Many clients visited the booth to explore these solutions, engage in discussions, and explore potential business collaborations. In addition to the Medical Fair in Thailand, during nearly the same period, Biotime also made appearances at several other significant healthcare industry exhibitions. These included the 18th Vietnam International Medical Exhibition (PHARMEDI VIETNAM) and the 8th East Africa Kenya International Medical Equipment Exhibition (Medic East Africa). These events provided valuable platforms for Biotime to engage with international colleagues, exchange insights on new products, technologies, and solutions, foster discussions on collaboration, and collectively chart a path for further development in the healthcare sector. With over a decade of dedicated experience in the IVD field, Biotime Biotechnology has established a strong foothold. We have expertise spanning multiple technological platforms, including chemiluminescence, molecular diagnostics, chromatography, mass spectrometry, dry chemistry, electrochemistry, fluorescence immunoassay, and colloidal gold. Our extensive portfolio comprises more than 50 testing items, catering to diverse usage scenarios. Looking ahead, while maintaining a strong presence in the domestic market, Biotime is committed to expanding its footprint in international markets. We are poised to contribute our expertise to the global biopharmaceutical industry's advancement and growth
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  • Biotime in Medlab Middle East 2023 Dubai
    Biotime in Medlab Middle East 2023 Dubai February 04, 2023
    6-9 Feb., 2023,Medlab Middle East is scheduled to take place in Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai. We are waiting for you at booth #Z2.A30 with our new products and solutions, including but not limited to: rapid test, FIA analyzer, CLIA analyzer. FIA Analyzer Biotime team will show 3 star products, BIOT-YG-I, FLI-100 and FLI-600 FIA analyzers. CLIA Analyzer Biotime will show CLi-1600, which is a star product of CLIA analyzer. Diabetes Solution Diabetes is a disease of widespread concern in the world. At the fair, HLC-100 will be showcased, which is the GOLD STANDARD for the detection of HbA1c. The product has 12 detection channels and can get results within 2 minutes. In addition, there are also blood glucose, blood ketone, uric acid test instruments on display.  The test results are quick and accurate, economical and practical, and can effectively meet the needs of families. Rapid Test Besides, rapid test products will also be displayed, which can be used effectively in the diagnosis of respiratory infections,  mosquito-borne diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. 6-9 Feb., 2023,see you in Medlab Middle East, Dubai World Trade Center.
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  • Biotime in MEDICA2022 Review
    Biotime in MEDICA2022 Review November 18, 2022
    November 14th-17th 2022,  for 4 days, Biotime was at the Düsseldorf Convention and Exhibition Center to demonstrate its best product lines. Biotime team introduced customized solutions to meet the needs of international customers, which are highly praised by the participants, and the results of efforts attracted lots of individuals and businesses to our company. Biotime showed fluorescent  immunoassay  analyzers  with  different  testing channels  to demonstrate  the  quantitative  concentration  of  analytes  in  human  blood  and  urine.  As well as new range of chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers also debuted. On site, there are three popular products, and they are CLi1600, HLC100 and BIOT-YG-I. CLi-1600 is a semi-automated device which quantifies biomarkers for thyroid disease, inflammation, cardiac diseases, fertility, diabetes, bone metabolism, anemia, and health check by analyzing human serum, plasma and whole blood. High Performance Liquid Chromatography analyzer, HLC-100 is fully automatic glycated hemoglobin that measures HbA1c, HbF and other hemoglobin fragments in the blood with ultra-high precision, enabling clinicians to make rapid and accurate diagnoses to ensure timely treatment of patients. BIOT-YG-I is a single-channel immunofluorescence analyzer that measures quantitative concentrations of target analytes in human blood and urine. Biotime POCT platform covers the needs of multi-scenario use, convenient and fast, with more than 50 test projects. Biotime will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of serving health with science and technology, provide clients with high quality services and products and help the development of the global health industry. Thank you for supporting us. See you next year at Medica 2023!
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  • Biotime in Africa Health 2022 South Africa
    Biotime in Africa Health 2022 South Africa October 25, 2022
    Meet Biotime on 26-28 Oct. Africa Health 2022, at the Gallagher Convention Center in South Africa! Africa Health is organized by Informa Markets,and aimed to open up the African market. Started in 2011, once a year, Africa Health is an excellent platform to promote a variety of products and expand African business. It is also an important gathering place for African and global hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, medical academic research, retailers and other professionals. During the Expo, Biotime star products immunofluorescent instruments BIOT-YG-I, FLI-100, FLI-600 will be showcased. In addition, the upcoming chemiluminescence series of new products CLI-100, CLI-1600 will also be unveiled. Welcome to come and visit Biotime booth #2.B51.
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  • Biotime in Asia Health 2022 Thailand
    Biotime in Asia Health 2022 Thailand October 18, 2022
    Meet Biotime on 19-21 October Asia Health 2022, at Impact Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand! It will bring together more than 400 exhibitors, 2,000 experts and scholars, and 40,000 professional visitors from all over the ASEAN region. Majorly, there will be displays of fluorescent immunoassay analyzers with different channels demonstrating the quantitative concentration of analytes in human blood and urine. As well as new range of chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers will also debut.
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  • Biotime in MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2022 Review
    Biotime in MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2022 Review September 02, 2022
    On September 2, the 13th Singapore International Medical Exhibition MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2022 ended perfectly. As one of the most well-known professional medical exhibitions in Asia, it has attracted thousands of medical industry experts and scholars from all over the world. In this exhibition, six series of products of Xiamen Biotime Biotechnology Co., Ltd. made a wonderful appearance, including immunofluorescence, chemiluminescence, electrochemistry, rapid test, high performance liquid chromatography and molecular diagnosis. With many new products, Biotime's immunofluorescence platform will have more than 50 test items, and the new product single-channel FLI-100 immunofluorescence analyzer had be specially unveiled at this exhibition. CLIA ANALYZER CLi-1600 Lyophilized powder reagent Room temperature storage Homogeneous reaction Chemilumineseent immunoassay There are 3 test instruments of the new chemiluminescence series with different fluxes: single-channel CLi-100, 16-channel CLi-1600 and 20-channel CLi-2000 chemiluminescence analyzers, and will cover 33 test items; 34 Different rapid test items include respiratory infectious diseases, dengue, malaria and COVID-19 solutions. HPLC ANALYZER HLC-100 12 sample positions HbA1c analysis in 2 minutes The gold standard for the detection HbA1c At the same time, we promoted HLC-100 Fully Automated HbA1c Analyzer, Detection Kit For Monkeypox Virus ( Real-Time PCR ), and the electrochemical platform include blood glucose, blood lead, blood ketone and cholesterol detectors. During the exhibition from August 31st to September 2nd, Xiamen Biotime conducted in-depth communication and cooperation with many medical industry experts, university professors, professional agents, etc. from all over the world. In the future, Biotime will continue to uphold the mission of science and technology to serve human health, and continue to help the development of the global health industry with high-quality products and services.
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  • Biotime in Expo Med Mexico 2022
    Biotime in Expo Med Mexico 2022 August 31, 2022
    On August 31st, Expo Med Mexico 2022 opened at the Mexico International Convention Center. EXPOMED is Mexico's medical supplies and equipment industry event, where medical industry leaders from around the world gather to exchange experiences and share information. At the exhibition site, Xiamen Biotime Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provided comprehensive medical in vitro diagnosis solutions for experts and distributors from all over the world. Many star products were on display. The immunofluorescence instruments, such as BIO-YG-I, FLI-100, FLI-600, COVID-19 solution and respiratory disease solution, attracted visitors to stop and visit. From August 31 to September 2, we will wait for you at Booth 3631, Mexico City International Convention Center.
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  • Biotime in MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2022 Singapore
    Biotime in MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2022 Singapore August 31, 2022
    On August 31, the 13th Singapore International MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2022 was held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. With its comprehensive POCT solutions and newly developed innovative products, Xiamen Biotime Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has made an amazing debut. On the first day of the exhibition, there was an endless stream of customers at the exhibition booth. Many international friends came to learn about the rapid detection products and solutions of Biotime. In this exhibition, Biotime showcased three product series, including immunofluorescence instrument BIOT-YG-I, FLI-100, and FLI-600, HPLC automatic HbA1c analyzer, diabetes diagnostic reagent, monkeypox product, and COVID-19 solution, and introduced customized solutions that meet the needs of each customer which won high praise. From August 30th to September 2nd, we are looking forward to your arrival at booth 2N06, Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore!
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