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Biotime in Medica 2022 Nov 17, 2022

14-17, Nov. 2022, the 54th Medica Exhibition will be held in the Dusseldorf Convention Center, Germany. At that time, Biotime's full range of products will be displayed.

Medica is recognized as the largest hospital and medical equipment exhibition in the world. With its irreplaceable scale and influence, it ranks first place in the world medical trade exhibition. Every year, nearly 4000 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions gather here.

On site, new automatic glycated hemoglobin analyzer, HLC-100, and six-channel chemiluminescence analyzer, CLi-1600 will make a wonderful appearance.

In addition to the new chemiluminescence platform, the highly praised immunofluorescence platform will also debut. Biotiem immunofluorescence platform has covered multiple series, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, inflammation, hormones, thyroid function, diabetes and kidney injury. The fastest test results can be obtained in 3mins.

Biotime aims to meet the needs of different medical institutions and provides users with more comprehensive POCT solutions.

It will be a great honor to welcome you to visit Hall 1, Biotime Booth G39-2

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