Biotime COVID-19 Prognosis Therapy Solution
July 02 , 2020
After the outbreak of COVID-19, Biotime actively took action to fight against the pandemic and successfully launched COVID-19 related products solution.

Biotime COVID-19 Prognosis Therapy Solution including D-Dimer, PCT, IL-6, CRP, and Ferritin rapid quantitative test reagents and two analyzers, with which, the results come in 3 to 20 mins. these test reagents could be the early and helpful biomarkers to improve the management of COVID-19 patients.

The clinical significance of the test reagents are as follow:
D-Dimer: D-Dimer levels on admission to predict in-hospital mortality in patients with COVID-19.
CRP: Systemic inflammation, as measured by CRP, is strongly associated with VTE, AKI, critical illness, and mortality in COVID-19.
IL-6: Serum IL-6 concentration is closely associated with the severity of COVID-19.
Ferritin: Early analysis of Ferritin levels in patients with COVID-19 might effectively define the severity of the disease.
PCT: PCT may be a valuable tool in identifying COVID-19 patients at high risk for clinical deterioration or patients at risk for bacterial co-infection.

Biotime COVID-19 solution not only cares about the therapy of the patients who catch COVID-19 but also provides guiding advice and treatment solution for the doctors.


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