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Qualitative VS Quantitative Test, which one is better? Jun 28, 2021

Qualitative VS Quantitative Test , which one is better ? Here’s a quick rundown on what is the difference between the two types of diagnostic test and when would be most appropriate to use them respectively:

Qualitative Test

Qualitative test relies on the collection of non-numerical insights such as opinions. Like a non-quantitative hCG pregnancy test can check whether the hCG hormone is present in the blood thus to suggest whether a woman is pregnant while it is not 100% accurate since it does not measure the exact amount of hCG in the blood .

From what's been observed during COVID 19, antibody or Antigen test kits are the most convenient and cost-effective test kits that is adaptable to a wide range of uses.

Quantitative test

Quantitative test is designed to gather data points in measurable, numerical form. With this kind of test method, an hCG pregnancy test checks human chorionic gonadotropin levels in the blood or urine. This measurement means that an HCG test can test whether a woman is pregnant by telling you the amount of hCG present in the blood or urine. Back to the HCG test kit, β-HCG level during a woman’s pregnancy under different conditions can range from 5 to 200,000 mIU/ml. Below is the specification of Biotime’s β-Hcg product.

At the early stage of the prevention and control of COVID 19, the National Health Commission issued the "COVID-19 Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol (Trial Version 7)" on March 3, 2020 which suggested adding the Serological test in the clinical performance.  IgG antibody titer in recovery period was 4 times higher than in acute period.

Nevertheless, quantitative test is often regarded as a more superier test approach.

But still, qualitative test shines in its own way. It is a simple, less fussy, more straight forward choice for someone who is only looking to get a “yes or no” answer from the test results.

In a word, no matter which one you prefer, we at Biotime are able to provide you with both choices and deliver answers in more settings, for more conditions.

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