Light-initiated Chemiluminescence Assay (LiCA) Sep 29, 2021

Light-initiated Chemiluminescence Assay (LICA) is derived from the luminescent oxygen channeling immunoassay (LOCI) with the desired features. Similar to the principle of LOCI, LICA is a homogenous bead-based technology in which the proximity of chemo beads and sensible ads beads (< 200 nm) generates light through CL. This homogeneous immunoassay method is capable of rapid, quantitative determination of a wide range of analytes--including high and very low concentrations of large and small molecules, free (unbound) drugs, DNA, and specific IgM.

Light-initiated Chemiluminescence Assay is one of the emerging formats of immunoassay. More and more manufacturers set off to develop new products based on this new and innovative emerging technology because there are plenty of benefits of using it which include:

  • Homogeneous
  • High sensitivity
  • High specificity
  • High throughput
  • Reproducibility
  • Wide detection range
  • Low sample volume
  • Doesn’t require a washing step
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