Ferritin Quantitative Test

RSV Antigen Rapid Test

The RSV antigen rapid test is intended to be used by professionals as a screening test and to provide preliminary test results to help diagnose acute RSV virus infection. It provides only an initial screening test result.  For professional in vitro diagnostic use only.
Product Detail


Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a member of the Paramyxoviridae family of viruses and it is a very common cause of respiratory tract infection. The RSV Antigen Rapid Test is a rapid lateral flow immunoassay for the qualitative detection of respiratory syncytial virus and can give a result in 15 minutes by minimally skilled personnel without any laboratory equipment.

Product specification
  • Product Name:RSV Antigen Rapid Test
  • Sample Type:Nasal Swab & Throat Swab
  • Loading Volume:3 drops(100ul)
  • Reaction Time:15 mins
  • Shelf Life:24 months
  • Storage:36-86°F (2-30℃) 
  • Unit:25 kits/box
  • No need for refrigerated transportation

  • Rapid : Results in 15 mins
  • Non-invasive diagnosis : Nasal Swab & Throat Swab
  • Easy & Convenient : Easy operation and no need for extra equipment
  • Room temperature to store

Test Procedure 
The test should be operated at room temperature 59-86°F(15-30℃)
1. Ready: Remove the foil from the top of the extraction buffer tube.
2. The extraction of specimen: Put the swab that had collected specimen into the extraction tube, hold and press the swab head against the wall of the tube with force and swirl for 20 seconds. Then rotate 5-7 times while squeezing the swab to release the antigen into the extraction solution from the swab head.
3. Removing swab: Squeeze the swab head firmly while removing the swab in order to remove as much liquid as possible from the swab. Dispose of swabs according to biohazard waste disposal regulations.
4. Mixing the Solution: Install the nozzle cap firmly onto the extraction tube and mix thoroughly by swirling or flicking the bottom of the extraction tube.
5. Loading: drip 3 drops of the extraction solution into the sample well of the test cartridge, and start the timer.
6. Reading Results: Read the results in 15 minutes. If the positive signal appears after 30 minutes, it should not be reported as positive.
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    Please provide us with the information below, and we'll contact you as soon as possible.