Ferritin Quantitative Test

FLI-100 FIA Analyzer

The ALL NEW FLI-100 Analyser represents an elevated standard at Biotime, in pursuing simplicity, quality assurance, and data security for healthcare organizations. Designed for quantitative in vitro assay determinations, the Biotime FLI-100 analyser was purposefully built to support immunoassay analysis for a broad range of applications – from biomarker work to infectious disease testing. The analyser’s immunofluorescence technology yields high sensitivity, reliable, and reproducible results for convenient point-of-care diagnostic testing on one device with a small footprint.

Product Detail



The FLI-100 Analyser features a more intuitive interface that simplifies the testing process even further, allowing operation for all skill levels: load sample, insert Biotime cartridge(s) — and press Start. The system accepts various specimen types (whole blood, plasma, serum) which enhances its ability to handle urgent samples. Utilizing 7’’ touchscreen operation, the FLI-100 includes multilingual operational support.


FLI-600 Analyzer’s lightweight and removable battery design permit easy transportation. It can be powered by 8 AA batteries which allow 2-hour consecutive use and 24-hour stand-by time without being plugged in, making it particularly helpful when certain types of emergencies emerge typically during emergency medical services.



Select tests based on patient need - no fixed assay panels. The FLI-100 Analyser can support the entire menu of Biotime assays to achieve better point-of-care diagnostic testing from a single sample, on a single run, on a single instrument and also provide a wide measuring range which minimizes the amount of tests that need to be rerun due to out-of-range results.



The FLI-100 Analyzer eliminates erroneous results with integrated error detection and self-check systems so that to provide precise and reliable results ideal for pharmacies, physician offices, outpatient clinics and laboratories.



Bi-directional connectivity with POCT Information Management System (PIMS) including interfacing with the laboratory information system (LIS) and health information system (HIS) and the option to export the chromatogram all contribute to increased workflow efficiency.



At Biotime, every single purchase of our products comes with onsite training,  and all-rounded technical support from our field service group and online technical team.


Assay Principle


Specimen Type

Whole blood/Serum/Plasma

Sample Capacity

1 Sample

Linear Range




Time to Result




Result Storage


User Interface

Integrated 7'' Touchscreen

Printing Options

Internal Thermal Printer, 57x30mm


200(W) x 240(D) x 152(H)mm

Power Input Requirements

DC12V, 5.0A




2 External USB2.0 Ports

RS232 X 2

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    Please provide us with the information below, and we'll contact you as soon as possible.